License and Certifications

Credentials like license and certifications serve as proof of the proficiency or understanding required to carry out a certain career. Certifications are issued by non-governmental organizations, while licenses are awarded by government bodies and reflect the right to practice a profession. Repair Arlington’s professionals are trained, bonded, and insured to protect you.

HVAC Master’s Degree

A Master HVAC must design, install, build, maintain, service, repair, alter, or change a product or machine. It also includes gas pipelines in HVAC, refrigeration, ventilation, or process cooling or heating systems.

Master HVAC specialists can access licensed craftsmen to supervise installation and maintenance work, repair and maintain specialized equipment. A journeyman HVAC technician can become a master HVAC technician.

To be eligible for the master’s exam, you must have completed at least a year of experience as a journeyman. States have different requirements, but generally speaking, this is the case.

Class A HVAC Contractor License

The Virginia Contractor license and certifications re the most sought-after HVAC license designation. Jobs over $1,000 require a contractor license. Based on the cost or value of the projects your organization does, you should submit an application for the appropriate sort of contractor license.

Class A license: This license has no limits on the number of occupations it can be used for or the variety of jobs it can be used for. Prerequisites include having at least $45,000 in startup funding and five years of professional experience.

HIC Contractor Class C License

Virginia HIC-licensed contractors can repair and improve homes, townhouses, and their attached buildings. The RBC categorization also assists in this function. Furthermore, the HIC specialization does not include duties related to gas fitting, plumbing, electrical, or HVAC. Equally important, it also bans new construction activities outside the current building structure, with the exception of decks, patios, driveways, and utility sheds, which the USBC asserts do not need permits.

Class C licence: To be eligible for a Class C licence, a project or contract must have a minimum cost of $10,000 and a maximum cost of $150,000 to complete all projects or contracts within a 12-month period.

Installer’s licence for air conditioning

An installer of central air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, and ventilation systems is a contractor who holds a “Air Conditioning Installer License”

EPA-approved Category I Refrigeration License

Type I: Small Appliance Repair

The Type I EPA 608 certification covers methods of recovery, industry standards for small appliances, and machinery produced before and after November 15, 1993. You also need to pass the Core Section exam to be eligible for other certifications. 

Universal technician with Category II License and EPA approval

Appliances of Type II, High Pressure

In addition, with the exception of air conditioners and small appliances, this EPA certification permits you to service or dispose of medium- to high-pressure appliances. The main goals of Type II standards and recovery techniques are to minimize loss and cross-contamination.

License for Installing Heat Pumps

Moreover, heat pump certification proves understanding of HVACR-related topics.

The 100 certification questions cover components, controls, the heat pump cycle, servicing, theory, troubleshooting, and heat pump schematics.

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