CHECKLIST: Why Hiring a Low-Skilled HVAC Technician is Not Worth It

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It can be difficult choosing an HVAC contractor, considering the numerous choices available. HVAC repair can become an even more expensive investment if you don’t work with an experienced and skilled technician in the DMV Area or anywhere for that matter.

It is not always favorable to prioritize price over quality. You could end up with bigger expenses in terms of longer delays and unforeseen damages.

These are a few risks that come with hiring an inexperienced and low-skilled HVAC technician:

1. Reduced Productivity

HVAC technicians with poor experience and limited skills are not that likely to be productive as compared to the ones that have more experience.

The contractors may not have enough knowledge which can result in slow completion of work and low quality of job.

2. Cost Over Quality of Work

Low-priced technicians are usually low-skilled. They don’t care about providing quality of work. They are more focused on keeping their overheads low.

This means you may get the price you are looking for, but not the kind of work you were hoping for. Cheaper service is usually accompanied with low quality of work.

3. Poor Work Quality

Inexperienced contractors don’t have the necessary skills to get the job done. Most skilled and licensed contractors need to pass several exams and submit their results with the state licensing board.

This is a strong measure of their competence. It is quite likely that low-skilled technicians have not completed these examinations.

4. Lack of Maintenance Contract

Inexperienced contractors don’t generally provide maintenance contracts. This may leave you spending more on repairs in the long run because you may not have any idea about the scope of work.

You will be left in the dark about the kind of servicing your system needs and the respective costs.

5. Lack of Insurance

Unskilled and inexperienced HVAC contracts rarely have Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Liability Insurance. People working on HVAC equipment are more prone to injuries.

You could be held liable if anything happens to a worker while on your property. It is best to hire skilled and insured HVAC professionals.

6. Safety Hazards

Workers that don’t have enough experience present an expensive safety hazard. They can cause lethal and dangerous accidents. They can also place your family in danger.

Even the tiniest mistake in the HVAC repair process can leave you with a system that may be unsafe to use. This is why you should always work with experienced HVAC professionals.

7. Damage Risk

Your system may get damaged beyond repair if you hire an amateur. HVAC systems are complicated equipment. They require detailed repair techniques performed by someone who knows what they are doing.

There are certain damages that are impossible to correct. You may end up having to purchase an entirely new HVAC system.

8. Uncertain Results

Low-skilled technicians don’t really know what they are doing. They use a hit and trial method to fix the system. You may not get predictable or safe results by working with such technicians.

Your family may become very uncomfortable if the system starts malfunctioning in the middle of the summer.

It’s critical that you choose an HVAC company that has a reputation for excellence. This will ensure your problem is fixed quickly and safely.




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